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Created by a small New Zealand company fueled by a 4 decade-old passion for creating the best load carrying systems on the planet.

We Are Your Best Source for All Your Hiking Gear Needs!

At Light Hiking Gear, we provide customers with the best in lightweight backpacking, hiking and camping gear, designed to enhance comfort and improve mobility. Our gear is ideal for both men and women of all ages!

With Light Hiking Gear, you can be confident that you’ll be getting your money’s worth. All of our packs and accessories offer only the finest in quality and design. Our handy selection guide can help you pick the backpack that is best suited to your needs. Our ultra-light backpacks are ideal for traveling on all sorts of terrain, with each pack available in different sizes.

Aarn Balance Packs have made a name for themselves among outdoor aficionados. With its premium collection of science-smart, lightweight, comfortable Balance Packs, Aarn’s backpacking gear has become a favorite for those who love hiking. Whether you’re looking for large multifunctional backpacks for long trails or small hiking backpacks, we have them all! We pride ourselves on providing some of the most comfortable backpacks in the world at affordable rates. You can even find some for sale!

Check out our comprehensive collection of hiking and camping gear, consisting of award-winning "Aarn Balance Packs" and other hiking accessories. Every Aarn Balance Pack is designed to maximize space and comfort so you can enjoy your hikes as much as we do!